Ethiopian official advices Mekele inhabitants to follow other towns’ suit

Before the Ethiopian army moves into Mekele City, the capital of Tigray Region within less than 60 hours, an Ethiopian official advised the inhabitants of the city to follow suit of other towns of Tigray fully liberated from TPLF in the last few days.

“The beginning of the end is within reach as our defense forces are approaching the city …Now it is easy to target any military installations, which are hidden in any places…The people of Mekele must understand that It is high time to say enough is enough to TPLF gang to save their lives, to save their city,” said Ambassador Redwan Hussein, Spokesperson of the Command Post in Tigray Region, which has been under state of emergency for the past few weeks.

Mentioning as examples how TPLF militias have bulldozed the Axum International Airport when forced to leave the town few days ago, Ambassador Redwan stated that the forces of TPLF are trying to hide within schools, universities, mosques, and churches in Mekele and are reckless and don’t care if these public properties of sacred places are destroyed.

He urged the inhabitants of Mekele city to isolate themselves from the TPLF fighters and collaborate with Ethiopian defense forces as well as deliver the leaders and fighters of TPLF when they can, “like the people in other towns of Tigray Region liberated by the federal army of Ethiopia in the past few days have done”. “The Mekele people would have a number of choices to collaborate with our defense forces…By collaborating we can save the city,” he said, indicating that they can also stay away from TPLF military installation areas.

Commenting on the African Union plan to mediate and end the current military operation peacefully, Ambassador Redwan said that Ethiopian government is ready to welcome the envoy the current chairperson of AU and President of South Africa Cyyril Ramphosa will be sending as a matter of respect for the AU. He said the government is open for any discussions that brings lasting peace, which doesn’t include the TPLF fugitives.

According to the Gedion Timothwos (PhD), Attorney General of Ethiopia who joined Ambassador Redwan this afternoon, so far his Office has issued arrest warrant for a total of 167 TPLF leaders, who could face charges such as, high treason, armed rebellion, outrage against the constitution, attacks on political integrity of Ethiopia, acts of terrorism, and hostile act against a sovereign nation- Eritrea, among others.

he also indicated that in the capital Addis Ababa, some 343 people are arrested based on the information gathered from the public for planning to be engaged in terrorist activities. Out of them over 100 are released on bail, according to Gedion.