Ethiopian army takes over western, central Gondar security

Following the failure of Amhara region’s security forces to stabilize the conflicts in western and central Gondar, the Ethiopian Army and Federal Police has taken over the security matters of the two zones.

The army and federal police, which as of today is in in control of the two zones, said it will take serious measures against armed individuals or groups, who have been causing problem in the area, according to the state broadcaster – ETV.

It is now forbidden for anyone to carry weapon between the territories from Metema to Gondar  and from Gondar to Humera, except the military and the security forces, according to Amhara Region Police Commissioner Zelalem Lijalem, who told reporters that the army is ordered to take measures  against those who violate the law.

The army is invited by the Amhara Regional state, which couldn’t be able to stabilize the area, according to the Amhara Police Commission. So far 45,000 people are displaced in the area because of the conflicts.

Reports show that following several months long conflict in the area some armed individuals and gangs have been acting as peacekeepers and asking the people to give them money for their services.

Initially began by group of people who claimed to represent the people of Kimant in Gondar, the conflict has led to the death of many people and displacement of thousands.

Reports show that the conflict has been affecting the tourist flow to Gondar, which is known for its historic sites such as, World Heritages like, Palaces and Castles of Fasiledes and Siemen Mountains, among others.