Ethiopia warns agencies to refrain from politicizing aid

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on Thursday warns aid agencies to refrain from politicizing their operations in Ethiopia.

In his statement State Minister Ambassador Redwan Hussein said his government will be forced to consider its engagement with the international aid agencies, which are engaged in defamation of Ethiopian government’s effort to restore peace and stability in Tigray region. He stated that some of the workers of the aid agencies members are engaged in defamation from a distant without having proper knowledge about what is going on the ground in Ethiopia.

Ambassador Redwan stressed that if the agencies continue their defamation against Ethiopia, which unilaterally decided to ceasefire for the sake of allowing peaceful aid flow to the Tigray people, the Government of Ethiopia will be forced to revoke operation licenses the government has granted for these aid agencies and send their staff to their respective countries.

He also urged some of the members of the international community, which are lobbying countries to impose sanction on Ethiopia, to refrain from such biased activities and pressure against the Government of Ethiopia.

In his televised statement Ambassador Redwan has explained the major issues that threatened to stall the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire declared by the Federal Government. He expressed his confidence that the people of Ethiopia would show the usual resilience to surpass current problems. He also called upon the following issues to the attention of the international community:

 The TPLF attacked the ENDF, who were departing Tigray respecting the humanitarian ceasefire, but no one condemned this heinous act since it could have aborted the peace process at its inception

 Right from the moment that the government has declared the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, the international media, and some corners have started belittling it and discrediting the genuine efforts of the Federal Government

 Despite visible evidence on the TPLF’s use of child soldiers, the international community chose to overlook the matter

 TPLF’s repeated provocations against the Amhara and Afar Regions were not condemned for overshadowing the purposes of the ceasefire

 The destructive rhetoric of some corners didn’t abate even after the declaration of the Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire by the Ethiopian government.

 The Ethiopian government’s commitment to cooperate with humanitarians after the ceasefire was not adequately appreciated/acknowledged

 Some in the West, at an individual level too, have continued their personal and one-sided rhetoric in attacking the government’s handling of the situation in Tigray and the ceasefire

 Some humanitarians are more active in disseminating unjustified propaganda than supporting the people who need help in the Tigray Region