Ethiopia unveils national dialog commission potential members

The House of peoples representatives of Ethiopia (Ethiopian Parliament) today unveils list of 42 potential individuals who can serve as the members of national dialog commission of Ethiopia.

The Parliament office in charge of setting up the independent commission invited the public to comment of the 42 individuals nominated by different groups of the society.

Out of the 42 the final best 11 will be appointed to serve as the members of the national dialog commission, which is expected to facilitate nationwide discussions on the major controversial issues often lead different groups in the country to clashes including armed conflicts. After the all inclusive dialog that may take up to three to five years, Ethiopia aims to heal its politics reaching consensus on the issues that has been dividing the country.

The list of the 42 potential individuals most which are PhD holders, shared on website and social media for public comment includes: Proffessor Afework Bekele Simegn, Zegeye Asfaw Abdi, Ambassador Tadelech H/Mikael, Prof Tilahun Teshome, Haile Gebre Suse, Prof Baye Yimam, Dr Negalign Birhanu Baye, Dr Mulugeta Aregawi, Dr Wedajo W/Giyorgis, Dr Yonas Adaye, Melaku W/Mariam, Prof Zekarias Kenea Tesgera.

Among the list is also the following individuals are mentioned: brahim Mulushewa Ishete, Zenebework Tadese Markos, Prof Daniel Kitaw, Bekele Gutema Jebesa, Eng Getahun Husen Shikur, Dr Takele Seboka, Prof Hizkias Asefa, Dr Dawit Yohanes, Abate Kisho Hora, Prof Kasahun Birhanu Alemu, Dr Tegegnework Gete Mengesha, Prof Kifle W/Mikael Hajeto, Dr Ayiforit M/Diyasin, Tesfaye Habiso, Prof Yaekob Arsano, Nigusu Aklilu, Ambassador Mohamed Dirir.