Ethiopia, Sudan to deploy joint military along border

The governments of Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed to deploy a joint military force that will patrol the border between the two nations.

The two countries made signed the agreement to fight terrorism, illegal human trafficking and other security threats for both nations, according to state media reports.

The military chief of staffs of the two countries have met in Khartoum yesterday and decided to retreat back their military forces from border areas and replace with the joint force. The two countries are expected to sign the agreement about the implementations of the plan next October.

In recent weeks there were reports of clashes between the people of the two nations along the Ethiopia-Sudan borders, according to media reports. Over the past few years the two countries have been discussing about clear demarcations of the borders.

Ethiopia and Sudan share a very long boundary of 1600 km length. Apart from their relations as neighbors, Ethiopia and Sudan have many common features. Many rivers from Ethiopia such as Atbara, Blue Nile (Abay), Mereb and Sobat flow to Sudan.

But most of all, the current Ethiopian ruling coalition, the former rebels fought and defeated the Derg (1974-1991) by the support of Sudan after waging an armed struggle for about 16 years.

Meanwhile, the two countries have not yet agreed on demarcations of the border.