Ethiopia postpones August 2020 general election

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the National Electoral of Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) today announced that it is forced to postpone the upcoming general election, which was scheduled to take place at the end of August 2020.

The Board indicated that it is difficult to conduct the election and prior preparedness activities on schedule because of the lockdown of the country that involves banning public transportation and gathering of people to fight the spread of COVID-19. NEBE in its statement stated that it cannot be able to conduct election preparation including observers and voters registration, among others under the current lockdown. It is indicated that before reaching decision to postpone the election for another time, NEBE has consulted the situation with political parties.

It is indicated that NEBE has sent its decision to the House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia (Ethiopian Parliament), whose mandate will also expire in September 2020. In the coming weeks and months the Parliament is now expected to decide when Ethiopia should hold its election.

In a related development one more coronavirus patient is found in Ethiopia, making the total number of people infected by the pandemic 26. The individual today found COVID-19 positive is a 42 years old resident of Dire Dawa town who has international travel history to Australia. Currently the patient is being treated in Dire Dawa City.