Ethiopia calls for establishment of African media

Addressing the leaders of African countries gathered in Addis Ababa for the 35th heads of states summit on Saturday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia calls for the establishment of African Union (AU) continental media house to fight disinformation.

He indicated that the establishment of an Au continental media house will help African countries to provide authoritative news and information, fight disinformation, and promotes the African collective agenda and strengthen Africa’s voice across the world.

In recent years Ethiopia and many Africa countries and outside the continent have been victims of disinformation by the giant global media outlets owned with powerful countries, which use them to advance their own national interest in the other countries and regions across the world.

As part of the effort to establish pan African media house, an Ethiopian journalist working for international media outlet in collaboration, along with other African journalists has been working to launch Global Television Network of Africa (GTNA).

In his latest update on social media about the upcoming GTNA, Girum Chala has this week indicated that the continental TV channel will soon secure broadcasting license in Ethiopia. “In Africa, the time is absolutely now to tell our own story through a strong media establishment owned by ourselves. Global Television Network of Africa will deliver just that!!! Team GTNA will make major announcements next week including our plan of submitting a license request to the Ethiopian Media Authority,” Girum posted on his facebook page.