Ethiopia approves national dialog commission members

The House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia (Ethiopian parliament) today approved the 11 individuals nominated to serve as members of the national dialog commission.

The 11 members are selected from the 42 members shortlisted by the office established by the Ethiopian Parliament to coordinate the selection of the members of the national dialog commission based on public nomination. Initially over 600 individuals were nominated by the public and then shortlisted to 42.

The 11 individuals finally approved by the parliament are Professor Mesfin Araya who is elected to chair the national dialog commission, Hirut Gebresillassie, Tegegnwork Getu (PhD), Ambassador Ayrorit Mohammed (PhD), Blen Gebremedhin, Yonas Adaye (PhD), Zegeye Asfaw, Melaku Woldemariam, Ambassador Mohammed Drir, Mulugeta Ago, and Ambaye Ogato (PhD).

The national dialog commission of Ethiopia is expected to facilitate the nationwide dialog among all Ethiopians with different political views to help the country reach to a national consensus by healing its wounds that often leads the country and different groups into civil war.