Ethiopia allows joint investigations in Tigray

The Government of Ethiopia invites foreigners to collaborate and conduct joint investigation about the alleged crimes committed in Tigray Region during the rule of law operations being undertaken by the Ethiopian army in Tigray region.

“…It is to be recalled that the Federal Government announced in its February 24th 2021 statement, the developments on humanitarian assistance, international media access to the region and ongoing investigations for alleged crimes. Accordingly, we wish to affirm that humanitarian agencies have now been provided unfettered access to aid in the region. Furthermore, the Government of Ethiopia will continue bringing all perpetrators to justice following thorough investigations into alleged crimes in the region through our Federal institutions. In this regard, the Government welcomes international technical assistance to undertake the investigations as well as invites the potential to collaborate on joint investigations,” said the Office of the Prime Minister in its statement.

“Following the treasonous attack perpetrated by the TPLF criminal clique against the Ethiopian National Defence Forces on 4 November 2020, complex challenges in the region emerged as a direct consequence of this treasonous act which has put civilians in Tigray under great vulnerability. The rule of law operations was carried out in the region to ensure that perpetrators are apprehended and brought to justice for their crimes against the constitutional order of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and for putting the continued survival of our nation under grave threat.”

“Over the past months and despite the misplaced assignment of culpability on the Government of a sovereign Ethiopia, various efforts have been undertaken by the Federal Government to address the region’s complex security, humanitarian and social challenges, existing and emerging, following the criminality of a rogue group. These efforts to stabilize the Tigray region, to bring normalcy to the lives of our citizens, to adequately address existing and new humanitarian needs, will continue by the Federal Government with close collaboration with humanitarian agencies and development partners,” the statement said.

“The Government of Ethiopia once again reiterates its commitment to enabling a stable and peaceful region in which its citizens needs are met and impunity does not prevail for perpetrators of crimes against humanity and crimes against the state,” the statement said.

Some media outlets have been reporting about human rights violations in Tigray Region such as rape during the rule of law operations and involvement of Eritrean soldiers, which the government of Ethiopia denied.