Denmark, Germany pledge full support to Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

Via the Danish Institute for Human Rights both Germany and Denmark have pledged support to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission in fulfilling its mandate to promote and protect human rights.

Germany has now decided to join forces with Denmark via the Danish Institute for Human Rights, through a basket fund providing resources and conditions, paving the way for the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to gain full institutional capacity and becoming an independent and effective organisation contributing to human rights improvements.

The pledge came at a time when the Commission, Ambassadors of the two countries and the Danish Institute for HUman Rights discussed ways of enhancing cooperation.

On the occasion, Dr. Daniel Bekele, Chief Commissioner of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission stated saying:  “The Commission is committed to promotion and protection of human rights, standing with victims of human rights violations and upholding justice and accountability. International support is crucial in supporting the reform of the Commission and Ethiopia’s move towards democratic governance, rule of law and respect for human rights obligations.”  

“Ethiopia is at a crucial juncture of its political and economic reform effort. A strengthened Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is an important contributor to building peace and societal cohesion, needed for the reforms to be successful. Germany is looking forward to working closely with the EHRC and other partners. “Stephan Auer, Ambassador, German Embassy says.

“Protection and promotion of human rights through strong national institutions are key priorities of the Danish Country Programme to Ethiopia. Denmark is proud to be part of a programme that aims at creating a strong and independent human rights institution and we look forward to continue the good cooperation.” Karin Poulsen, Ambassador, Royal Danish Embassy said.

“It is a privilege to be a part of this project where a broad circle of countries want to support the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission in bringing human rights into the lives of people in Ethiopia. The Commission is well placed to head towards this ambition and we are ready to assist the Commission in making it a reality” Eva Grambye, Deputy Executive Director, the Danish Institute for Human Rights underlined.

It is to be recalled that last summer the Ethiopian Parliament amended the Establishment Proclamation of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, enabling the Commission to operate as an independent and effective human rights institution in Ethiopia.

The Commission has repeatedly demonstrated its independence by exposing and holding perpetrators to account with effective investigation and reporting; prison monitoring and handling individual complaints, as well as human rights education. June 25, 2021 (FBC)