Amhara region of Ethiopia appoints new president

The Amhara region of Ethiopia, which has recently lost its president and other senior officials in relation to coup attempt, has today appointed Temesgen Tiruneh to serve as president of the region.

Born in Bichena, Amhara region, Mr. Temesgen holds BA in computer science and second degree in organizational management. He has served as Police Commissioner of Amhara Region. At federal level he was one of the founders of Information Network Security Agency (INSA). Mr. Temesgen, who sworn in this morning, has also served at Ethio Telecom and recently as an advisor to the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The late president of Amhara region Ambachew Mekonen (PhD) was assassinated a few weeks ago by gunmen reportedly orchestrated by the Security head of Amhara region, Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige. Before appointed to lead the security of Amhara region, Brigadier General Asaminew was in jail and pardoned by the government after the reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power a year ago.