Three people die in Ethiopia from COVID-19

Three people die from coronavirus (COVID-19) in the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health said.

It is stated that one of them is from Addis Ababa, one from Tigray region and the other from Southern part of Ethiopia. The total number of people died from the global pandemic in Ethiopia so far has increased to eleven.

The Ministry also stated that after conducting laboratory tests for 2,836 people in the last 24 hours, it has found 109 new coronavirus positive individuals. 99 of the 109 new infected people are found in Addis Ababa, five in Oromia, three in Harari, and two in Tigray regions. Out of the total of 1,172 confirmed cased in Ethiopia, so far 209 people have recovered, while 109,451 people have got laboratory test for COVID-19.