Ten million people in Ethiopia took COVID-19 vaccine

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia said so far, a total of ten million people have taken COVID-19 vaccination.

Dr. Mebratu Massebo, Advisor at the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia and leader of taskforce against COVID-19 at the Ministry indicated that efforts are underway to vaccinate more people. He stated that the Ministry plans to vaccinate up 20 million people in the country.

He stated that the Ministry will provide Pfizer vaccine, which has been given to the children above 12 years old, to high school and Universities students in the country.

Dr. Mebratu also indicated that the country has received a lot of Sinopharm, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, which will be used during the next vaccination campaign of the Ministry. It is planned to give the vaccinations in schools, markets, farm areas and the like, according to the state broadcaster ETV report.

He stated that the fourth variety of COVID-19 known as, Omicron, was observed in Ethiopia though many people didn’t know about and considered it as ordinary influenza. He also stated that the third COVID-19 variety, Delta, has caused the death of many people in Ethiopia from July to mid-October with up to 1,000 daily positive reports.