Harar of Ethiopia gets cancer treatment center

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia today inaugurates a new cancer treatment center in Harar City of Harari region in the eastern part of the country.

It is the first cancer treatment center for Harar. The center is built with a total cost of 270 million Birr including the 200 million Birr worth medical facilities supplied by the Ministry. Haromaya University has invested some 70 million Birr for the construction of the Center.

The Center is officially inaugurated today by the Minister of health of Ethiopia Dr. Liya Tadesse, and officials of the city including Misra Abdella, Deputy head of Harar City, according to the information from the Ministry.

Built within the compound of Haromaya University – Hiwot Fana Special Teaching Hospital, the Center will serve the people living in the eastern part of Ethiopia in addition to Harar inhabitants.