Ethiopia to send volunteer doctors to Eritrea

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia says the country is set to send its medical doctors to Eritrea.

With the aim of strengthening to the people to people relation between the two countries, the government Ethiopia will send 35 volunteer medical doctors to Eritrea.

The 35 medical doctors and four specialized doctors will stay in Eritrea for two months providing voluntary services to the people of Eritrea in different hospitals and health centers across the country, according to the statement ofthe Ministry of Health of Ethiopia.

It is estimated that one medical doctor may examine up to 2,800 patients in a month. During their stay in Eritrea, the volunteer medical doctors of Ethiopia are estimated to serve around 100,000 patients. In addition, their stay is also expected facilitate knowledge sharing among the health professionals of the two countries.

It is recalled that a few weeks ago, president Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea, president Mohamed Abdullahi Moahamed (Farmajo) of Somalia along with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia have attended graduation ceremony of doctors in Bahir Dar University.

Addressing the graduates Prime Minister Abiy indicated about the need for the doctors to serve East African countries and facilitate the people to people relations ad economic and social integration in the sub-region.