Ethiopia suspends Muslim prayers in mosques

With the aim of containing the spread of coronavirus (CIVID-19) in Ethiopia, the Islamic Affairs Supreme council of Ethiopia today announced suspending use of mosques for prayers.

It said as of today all followers of the religion in Ethiopia are urged to pray in their respective homes, including the Friday congregational prayer (salat al-jama’ah). The Secretary of Council, Sheikh Kassim Mohammed Tajudin stated urged the followers of Muslim religion in Ethiopia to strictly follow the advices of the health officials and maintain social distancing to avoid acquiring the global pandemic. He stated that even though there will be a call to prayer, adhan (or azan) five times a day by mosques as usual, the people followers of the religion have to pray in their homes.

Including the case of the 42 years old patient case reported this evening, there are a total of 26 confirmed coronavirus patients in Ethiopia of, which two foreigners have returned back to their respective countries. And two Ethiopian patients left medical centers after recovering. In Ethiopia Islam is the second largest religion next to Christianity, which is dominated by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.