Ethiopia reports 3 more coronavirus cases

The Ministry of Ethiopia today announces three additional COVID-19 (coronavirus) cases, which increased the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 38.

Out of the total four have already recovered so far including the 85 years old Ethiopian woman found COVID-19 positive a few weeks ago, according to the report of the Ministry. Two foreign nationals have also returned to their respective countries after getting treatment. On its facebook page the Ministry stated that all the new three coronavirus patients were from the capital Addis Ababa and had travel history. The two male patients came from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates while the female one has recently returned from Sweden.

In Africa about 300 people have lost their lives though there are confirmed cases of over 7,000 so far. Globally 59,140 people have died by coronavirus pandemic, which originates in China’s Hubei province a few months ago. So far some 228, 000 people have recovered from the disease, while over 1,123,000 people are infected by the virus, according to the update of Johns Hopkins University.

The top three highly infected countries in the world are the United Sates 278,458, Italy 119,827 and Spain with a total of 119,199 confirmed cases. Meanwhile Italy is to top country registering the highest number of people killed by the pandemic – 14,681 lives – followed by Spain, which lost 11,198 people and over 7,159 deaths in the United States of America.