Ethiopia quarantines four Coronavirus suspects


Four Ethiopian nationals are quarantined in Addis Ababa suspected of acquiring the deadly coronavirus, which is originated from China.

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia said on Tuesday that the four suspected Ethiopians have come from China and symptoms of coronavirus such as, coughing has been observed on two of them. As of last week the government of Ethiopia has launched testing of passengers at Bole international Airport in Addis Ababa, mainly focusing on those coming from China.

Meanwhile there is no confirmed case of coronavirus in Ethiopia. Though four cases are isolated, tested negative for corona family. It is also stated that confirmatory test sent to South Africa.

“Officials advised passengers with possible symptoms have been identified, however no confirmed diagnosis. Thank you to our health and airport professionals for acting quickly & safely placing passengers in the isolation center as they receive further testing,” Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa, Takele Umma twitted.