Ethiopia coronavirus patients number surges to 29

Public Health Institute of Ethiopia today said it has found three additional coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic patients.

Now the total number of coronavirus patients in Ethiopia has reached 29. Currently 25 of them are being treated in medical centers, while two have recovered and two foreign nationals have returned to their respective countries. The Institute has stated that it has conducted a total of 1,083 coronavirus tests. Over the last 24 hours it has Around 68 tests. The Institute has been the only firm conducting COVID-19 test in Ethiopia so far. Meanwhile today another two institutions has got green light to commence providing COVID-19 test.

In Africa over 4,000 people are infected by the virus so far, while about 175 have lost their lives. Europe the most suffered continent by the pandemic, which originated in China, has lost tens of thousands of lives. The severely hit countries mainly Italy and Spain only have lost over 20,000 lives by the virus. France and Great Britain are also combating the spread of the virus at the moment after losing thousands of lives by the pandemic.

Globally, over 883,000 people are infected by coronavirus, while over 44,100 have died. Latest estimates show that only in the United States COVID-19 is estimated to claim lives of 90,000 to 240,000 people. Currently, close to 187,000 people in the United Sates have acquired the virus, while over 4,000 have died by the pandemic.