COVID-19 infected people in Ethiopia reaches 11

The total number of people who acquired COVID-19 pandemic in Ethiopia has increased to eleven, says Ethiopian Ministry of Health.

The Ministry stated that the number has jumped to eleven from nine today after two more individuals have been confirmed CoVID-19 positive. So far no death as a result of the virus is reported in Ethiopia. Today two Chinese foundations – Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation has sent medical supplies to Africa.

The supplies which will be distributed to all African countries to protect their citizens medical supplies including over five million facemasks and over one million test kits have arrived Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this morning and are expected to be distributed to all African countries by the Ethiopian Airlines.

Globally COVID-19 pandemic killed a total of about 13,000 people. Italy has registered the largest deaths (over 5,000 lives) as a result of COVID-19 including former Real Madrid Football Club President Lorenzo Sanz. The country has registered a record of close to 800 deaths in the last 24 hours. Iran has also lost over 1,685 lives as a result of the pandemic.

Spain is the third highly infected country in the world with 25,000 people and over 1,300 deaths. England has also lost 240 lives by the virus while some 5,000 were tested COVID-19 positive so far. China where the pandemic begins has registered over 3,100 deaths. Thailand has registered 600 coronavirus cases, while Singapore records over 400 cases. The United States has also lost over 200 lives by COVID-19. While India has registered 300 COVID-19 cases with six deaths.