COVID-19 confirmed cases in Ethiopia increases to 43

The total number of COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic patients in Ethiopia has reaches 43 after five more new confirmed cases is reported this morning.

Quoting the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia, the state broadcaster – ETV reported this afternoon out of the new five coronavirus infected people found in the country, two are Eritrean nationals, while one is Libyan and the other two are Ethiopians. The Ministry stated that over the past 24 hours 59 COVID-19 laboratory tests are conducted in Ethiopia. Of the total four people have recovered from the pandemic.

So far there is no one died of coronavirus in Ethiopia. Meanwhile over 300 people died in Africa, while some 7,000 people are infected by the pandemic, according to report of Johns Hopkins University. Of which 130 death is in Algeria and 71 in Egypt. Morocco has also reported 66 death by the coronavirus. South Africa and Cameroon among others have also reported 9 deaths each so far.

Globally, over 64,000 people have died by coronavirus pandemic since the outbreak of the virus in China’s Hubei province. Over 1.2 million people are also infected by the virus. Over 247,000 people have recovered from coronavirus globally so far.

Italy, Spain, The United States and France are the top countries losing thousands of their nationals by the pandemic. The four countries have registered a total death of around 45,000 people by coronavirus pandemic, out of which 15,362 death is registered in Italy.