Coronavirus cases in Ethiopia increase to 429

Coronavirus cases in Ethiopia increase to 429


The total number of coronavirus cases in Ethiopia has increased to 429 after the country today announced 30 new COVID-19 positive people.

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia in its daily coronavirus update indicated that the 30 new cases are found after conducting 3,645 laboratory tests. All the new coronavirus patients are Ethiopians between the age of 15 to 60 years. Of the 30 people found COVID-19 positive, 18 are from Addis Ababa, four from Oromia, three from Afar, three from Tigray region.

Out of the 30 new coronavirus-positive 26 are male, according to the report of the Ministry. So far Ethiopia has conducted 73, 164 coronavirus laboratory tests. The country has currently 26 laboratory testing centers with 28 machines.

Out of the total 429 confirmed coronavirus cases 128 have recovered and five have died. By May 20, 2020, in Africa 92,348 cases are reported and close to 2,918 people have lost their lives by the global pandemic, according to statistics compiled by Africa Center for Disease Control (Africa CDC).

Neighboring Sudan has also lost 121 lives so far. In Kenya it has claimed lives of 50 people. While in Somalia 61 people have died, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

In Africa with the number of deaths Egypt leads by 696. Followed by Algeria and South Africa, which respectively reported 575 and 369 deaths. The pandemic has also killed 211 in Nigeria and 197 in Morocco and 156 in Cameroon. Globally 5,125,612 people are infected by the virus and 333,382 have died as of today.