China sent traditional medicine to Ethiopia to fight COVID-19

The Government of China has sent traditional medicine to Ethiopia along with a team of twelve medical experts who arrived Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this morning to help the east African country fight the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The medical experts sent by the government of China have arrived along with medical supplies donated by the government of China to Ethiopia. The medical experts include those engaged in general surgery, epidemiology, respiratory, infectious diseases, critical care, clinical laboratory and integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

The state news wire, Ethiopian News Agency reported that the team have brought protective equipment, and “traditional Chinese medicine that has been tested effective by clinical practice.” The team of medical experts is the first to arrive Africa after the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan province of China at the end of last year. It is recalled that China has also recently sent similar medical experts to the badly hit European countries like Italy.

So far only 92 people are found coronavirus infected in Ethiopia of which three have died. Globally the pandemic has killed over 140,000 people. Meanwhile the death in Africa currently stands less than 1,000, while the United Sates has lost over 31,000 lives. In Europe Italy and Spain have lost over 16,000 lives each by the pandemic. France and Britain have also lost over 10,000 lives each by COVID-19. China, where the pandemic originated reported only death of less than 3,500 people and reportedly ‘managed to control the pandemic’.