41 COVID-19 patients recovered in Ethiopia

The Ministry of Health of Ethiopia said a total of 41 patients have recovered from coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic so far.

Yesterday 12 COVID-19 patients have recovered, according to the Ministry. Including the recovered, the number of total confirmed coronavirus cases has so far reached 123 of which three have died and two foreign nationals returned to their country. During the last 24 hours the Ministry has conducted laboratory test for 957 people of which one coronavirus infected individual was found. The latest victim of the pandemic is a resident of JigJiga town of Somali region of Ethiopia and recently returned from neighboring Puntland – Somalia.

In a related development, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed and President of the United States of America, Donald Trump have discussed bilateral issues on telephone including coronavirus related activities. During the discussion President Trump has indicated his go government’s willing to donate ventilators to Ethiopian Government to help its effort of treating coronavirus patients.

“Just spoke to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia. His Country needs Ventilators, and the U.S. is in good position to help him. We will!” President Trump twitted. Abiy Ahmed on his part twitted, “Encouraging phone call with President Trump reconfirming continued US-Ethiopia relations. Appreciate the commitment of support to COVID-19 prevention and mitigation efforts as well as on desert locust control.”