TPLF vandalizes, steals Wollo University campuses

TPLF vandalizes, steals Wollo University campuses

The fighters of Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), which is designated as a terrorist group by Ethiopian Parliament, has demolished Wollo University campuses by vandalizing and stealing properties worth 10 billion Birr (about $208 million).

This is indicated by the University after the liberation of Dessie and Kombolcha towns where Wollo University’s campuses are found. These two major towns are liberated by the Ethiopian National Defense Force about a week ago from the terrorist group, which has been expanding its invasion in different parts of Amhara and Afar regions.

In addition to the 10 billion Birr worth destruction and looting by TPLF in Wollo University, the Amhara Region of Ethiopia recently has indicated that over 279 billion Birr (about $5.8 billion) property was damaged by the terrorist group in the areas recently liberated by Ethiopian army.

President of Amhara Region of Ethiopia, Yilikal Kefale (PhD.), has also told state broadcaster ETV that TPLF has also looted and vandalized hospitals, health centers, schools, and other public infrastructures found in Amhara region invaded by the rebels.

Other than the economic damages TPLF invasion has resulted in, millions of Ethiopians are displaced while hundreds of thousands are reportedly lost their lives from both sides as a result of the ongoing war.

Treason and regime change

TPLF began war against the Government of Ethiopia on November 3, 2020 by attacking the military base of Ethiopian Defense force found in Tigray Region. As latter admitted on Tigray TV by the officials of TPLF, the attack was aimed to control the heavy artilleries and overthrow the Ethiopian Government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Meanwhile the treasonous act of TPLF has angered the Ethiopian army and the people of the country in general allowing the Government of Ethiopia to recruit hundreds of thousands of volunteer solders to counter the threat posed by the Front against the unity and stability of Ethiopia.

Within about one month period TPLF has lost most of its political and army leaders after the Ethiopian national defense force launched counter attack that quickly turned into major offensive. The united force of Ethiopian defense has killed many leaders of TPLF such as Abay Tsehaye, Seyoum Mesfin, and the like who were hiding in the mountains of Tigray.

Along with militias from different parts of the country and with support of the neighboring Eritrea, the Ethiopian military has also captured alive core leaders such as, Sibehat Nega, Abreham Tekeste, among others.

Meanwhile the attempt of the Government of Ethiopia to establish a provisional administration in Tigray region was sabotaged due to infiltration of individuals close to TPLF. As a result, last June, the Government of Ethiopia has announced unilateral ceasefire withdrawing its troops from Tigray region.

Justifying its ceasefire, the Government of Ethiopia at the time indicated that the people in Tigray region needs time to assess its ties with the TPLF and be able to use the rainy season for engaging in agricultural activities.

But contrary to the intention of the Government of Ethiopia, TPLF has used the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from the region for reorganizing and expanding its invasion into the neighboring Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia.

Now with the second round of restoring rule of law operations, Ethiopian army led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has launched an aggressive offensive against the envision of TPLF on November 22, 2011.
As a result, over two dozen towns, which were under the control of TPLF evading force are liberated while only a few in Amhara region such as, Woldiya remain under control of the Front.

A few days ago, the spokesperson of TPLF, Getachew Reda said that the United States Government has advised the Front to expand their envision and capture Addis Ababa to bring regime change in Ethiopia by force.

For the past few months’, the Ethiopians and Eritreans in the diaspora along with other Africans have been protesting against the covert support of the U.S. and some European countries to the terrorist Front, which finally revealed by Getachew Reda.

Managing stollen wealth of Ethiopia

TPLF claims to represent some 6% of the total population of Ethiopia with Tigray ethnic background. The ethnically organized Front has led Ethiopia since May 1991 to April 2018 by dominating the ruling coalition Ethiopian peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

During the 27 years of TPLF dominating Ethiopian politics and economy, many individuals associated with the Front and leaders were engaged in massive robbery and looting the nation by design.

Most of the family members of those who benefited from TPLF for close to three decades are now engaged in managing the money stollen from the country and stashed in foreign banks, have been investing the stollen wealth of Ethiopia in recruiting lobbyists and international media outlets owned by the Western countries that are working to bring back TPLF to power.

A few months ago the joint investigation by the UN Human Rights Commission and the independent Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has exposed the war crimes TPLF has committed on hundreds of civilians at Mai Kadra area mainly by targeting those from Amhara ethnic group.

In addition, a few days ago, investigation of Human Rights Watch conducted in a few areas which were under the evasion of TPLF, has also indicated that the Front has summarily killed civilians, which it described as war crimes.

Contrary to these independently verified facts, the family members and associates of TPLF leaders living abroad are now accusing the Government of Ethiopia for genocide. The media outlets such as, CNN, which don’t even acknowledge the fact that TPLF admitted starting the war, are now showing the dead bodies of the TPLF fighters killed at battlefields and dumped into Tekeze River by the TPLF, with the aim of deliberately accuse the Government of Ethiopia for genocide.

With its iron fist rule, TPLF was also engaged in the killings of many innocent people across the country from Gambella, to Somalia, Amhara to Benishangul Gumz regions, and assassinating 199 innocent protesters on the streets of the capital Addis Ababa aftermath of the controversial 2005 general election.

TPLF old friends

The domination of TPLF in Ethiopian politics has ended in April 2018 when EPRDF unexpectedly elected Abiy Ahmed as its chairman following the resignation of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in the middle of nationwide popular protest agist the dictatorial and ethnic biased regime of TPLF.

Reports show that during the cold war era the United States, some European countries, have helped TPLF come to power through arm struggle overthrowing Marxist regime of Mengistu Hailemariam in 1991.

In addition, Egypt and Sudan, which are now at loggerheads with the Government of Ethiopia in relation to the construction of Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), have also been providing offices and financial support to the former rebel fighters.

Many political analysts believe that the Government of Ethiopia is currently fighting not only TPLF, but also its old friends and sponsors.

These experts argue that the sponsors of the Front are committed to advance their national interest in Ethiopia and Horn of Africa in general by giving assignment for TPLF to destabilize and cut into small pieces the over 115 million people nation and help the terrorists form ‘the Greater Tigray Empire’ robbing land from different regions of Ethiopia.