Ethiopians celebrate Genna / Christmas today

Ethiopians celebrate Genna / Christmas today

Ethiopians across the world today celebrate the 2014 Birth of Jesus Christ known as Genna.

Ethiopia as one of the ancient countries in the world uses a different calendar with 12 months each 30 days and one month with five days. And every four year the thirteenth month Known as Pagume will have six days while all the 12 months will have 30 days each.

In Ethiopia the year is 2014 and started last September 11, 2021 European calendar. Ethiopia’s national language Amharic has its won alphabet letters, which makes it the only African country and one of the 18 nations in the world with their own unique alphabets and languages.

Genna is being colorfully celebrated by followers of Ethiopian Orthodox Church at one of the world heritage sites, the Lalibela Rock-hewn Churches in Amhara region. It is also being celebrated by followers of various by different churches and Christians in Ethiopia including Catholic, Protestant and the like.

Genna is also being celebrated by Ethiopians abroad in various parts of the world at Ethiopian orthodox Churches, Catholic and Protenant churches. Every year tourists including Ethiopians in the diaspora to Ethiopia to attend the colorful celebration of Ethiopian Christmas at Lalibela.

It is recalled that Lalibela town was liberated by the national defense force of Ethiopia about a month ago from the rebel group, Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), which controlling the historic Lalibela for a few months.

TPLF is designated as a terrorist group by the Government of Ethiopia for launching an attack on the northern militaria base of the Government of Ethiopia on 3, November 2020 and massacring several thousands of soldiers at midnight while they were asleep.