Ethiopian police captures 43 smuggled Kalashnikov guns

Ethiopia’s Amhara Region Police has captured 43 illegal Kalashnikov guns and 1,300 bullets from arms traffickers.

The smugglers were transporting the weapons from Gameballa Region of Ethiopia, which borders South Sudan, Gondar City of Amhara Region located northern part of Ethiopia, according to the state broadcaster – ETV.

The weapons captured were hidden in a heavy truck, according to the report, which stated that the two individuals who were moving the weapons are are arrested. The Amhara Region Police has collaborated with the national intelligence to seize the illegal weapons hidden in the truck.

The report also indicated that the Amhara Region Police also indicated that in another operation it has conducted sometime back, the police has captured 1,900 weapons. The three individuals involved were brought to court and received sentenced up to three years of imprisonment.

Kalashnikov is named after a Russian Lieutenant-General Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov who was also military engineer, is a popular weapon in Ethiopia as the east African country was a close friend of the former Soviet Union between 1974-1991.

The movement of illegal weapons has become a serious problem for the region, according to the report. Those involved in illegal weapons trafficking are working to create problem in the Central and Western part of Gondar, according to Deputy Police Commissioner Tibebe Haile.

After Ethiopia launched political and economic reform about a year ago, reports of contraband trade and circulation of illegal weapon including capture of pistols, guns and bullets have been among the major headlines of the state broadcasters.

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