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Ethiopia seizes 12,032 illegal bullets, guns

Including Turkish pistols, the customs officers in Bahir Dar, city of Amhara region of Ethiopia have

Ethiopia police captures 15 Kalashnikov guns

Ethiopian police say it has captured 15 Kalashnikov guns and 7,800 bullets last week in the eastern p

Addis Ababa Police captures 10,700 pistols, 99,785 bullets

The Addis Ababa Police Commission has said that it has seized 10,732 illegal pistols and 99, 785 bull

Ethiopia captures 9,711 Kalashnikov bullets from smugglers

The Federal Police of Ethiopia captures 9,711 Kalashnikov bullets from smugglers who were trying to b

Ethiopia captures 5,900 Kalashnikov bullets, 1,280 kg cannabis

The customs police officers of Ethiopia this week captured 5,947 Kalashnikov bullets and 1,280 killog

Ethiopian police captures 43 smuggled Kalashnikov guns

Ethiopia’s Amhara Region Police has captured 43 illegal Kalashnikov guns and 1,300 bullets from

Ethiopia police caught criminals in police uniform

The federal police of Ethiopia has arrested individuals in Addis Ababa who were committing crimes wea