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Ethiopia announces 10 million Birr reward to capture TPLF fugitives

The Government of Ethiopia today announced a 10 million Birr (about $250,000) reward for anyone who i

Ethiopia launches final military operations in Tigray

The Government of Ethiopia said it has launched final phase of military action to bring to justice th

TPLF to target civilians using Eritrean, Ethiopian army uniforms

Using Ethiopian defense force and Eritrean army uniforms it has produced at Almeda Textiles Factory,

Ethiopia gives 72 hours for TPLF junta to surrender

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia also commander in chief of Ethiopian Army has given 72 hours fo

Flooding displaces 200,000 people in Somali of Ethiopia

The number of people affected by the recent flooding in Somali Region of Ethiopia has exceeded over 3

Ethiopia COVID-19 recoveries increase to 620

The total number of recovered from COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Ethiopia has increased to 620 after 75 n

Ethiopia confirms 245 COVID-19 cases in a day

NEWS – After conducting laboratory tests for 5,707 people, Ethiopia confirmed 245 new COVID-19

40 die from coronavirus in Ethiopia

NEWS- The total number of people died from coronavirus (COVID-19) has increased to 40 after five more

House told Ethiopia’s ruling party to stay on power

NEWS- The House of Federation of Ethiopia today passes a bill allowing the current federal and region