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Ethiopia won’t sacrifice an ox for a sick chicken, Abiy says

Commenting on why Ethiopian national defense force has left Tigray region announcing unilateral cease

Ethiopia says military counter achieves objectives

The Government of Ethiopia said its military counter operations in Tigray has achieved its objectives

PM Abiy Ahmed attends AU bureau meeting on GERD

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has today attended the African Union (AU) Bureau virtual meeting on informa

Ethiopia shuts banks in Tigray after “TPLF robbery”

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has closed all banks branches in Tigray Region of Ethiopia follow

Ethiopia PM explains Tigray operation to international community

In his statement that targeted the international community, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia tod

Ethiopia inaugurates 13th industry park in Bahir Dar

The Government of Ethiopia on Wednesday inaugurated its 13th industrial park in the capital of Amhara

Ethiopia PM appoints new defense minister

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed today announced appointment of a new defense minister and other

Eritrean President Isaias concludes Ethiopia visit

President of Eritrea Afwerki returns to Asmara this morning concluding his two days visit in Ethiopia

Ethiopia introduces hate speech law ahead of election

The House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia on Thursday passes hate speech, which was contested