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Ethiopians in Washington D.C. rally supporting Ethiopia

Ethiopians living in Washington D.C. , and surrounding cities in the United States rally on Sunday in

Majority Ethiopians still have no access to credit

Despite the increase in the number of banks, microfinances and their branches over the last 25 years,

U.S delivers emergency shelter for Ethiopians displaced in Tigray

The United States handed over 1,500 rolls of heavy-duty plastic sheeting to the International Organiz

Saudi Arabia deports some 300 Ethiopians

The Government of Saudi Arabia has deported 299 Ethiopian immigrants who were in Saudi prisoners for

Ethiopia brings back 259 compatriots from Kuwait

NEWS- The Government of Ethiopia today brings back 259 compatriots from Kuwait who were facing hardsh

Ethiopia recommences repatriating citizens from Middle East

The Government of Ethiopia has recommenced repatriation of its citizens stranded in the Middle East c