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Ezema set to compete in 500 districts of Ethiopia

Ezema (Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice), the major opposition political party in Ethiopia, is s

Ethiopian parliament approves nuclear deal with Russia

The House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia today approves the agreement the governments of Ethi

Ethiopia believes in peaceful discussion, diplomacy – PM Abiy

Addressing members of parliament this morning on the current situation in Ethiopia, Prime Minister Ab

Ethiopian parliament lifts amnesty of Tigray leaders

The House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia (Ethiopian Parliament) today lifted amnesty of the l

Ethiopian Parliament told board to hold election

The Ethiopian Parliament today approved the recommendation made by the Ministry of Health to hold gen

Ethiopian parliament approves $1.4 billion additional budget

To mitigate the economic and social impacts of COVID-19, Ethiopian Parliament on Friday approves an a

WTO delegation visits Ethiopia

The delegation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) visited Ethiopia and discuss Ethiopia’s access

Ethiopia introduces hate speech law ahead of election

The House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia on Thursday passes hate speech, which was contested

Federal government didn’t sideline Tigray people, Ethiopia PM says

The Federal Government of Ethiopia didn’t sideline the people of Tigray from federal government min