Ethiopian parliament approves nuclear deal with Russia

The House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia today approves the agreement the governments of Ethiopia and Russia inked to collaborate on development of nuclear energy.

Russia will be assisting Ethiopia to develop nuclear energy for peaceful use such as medical industry and related fields, as per the agreement the two sides have signed about a years ago in Russia. Following the agreement the Council of Ministers has also looked at the bill a few months ago and referred the deal to the Parliament, which today approved it.

The former Soviet Union, which now called Russia, was the major development partner of Ethiopia mainly from 1974 to 1991 when the country was ruled by the Marxist Mengistu Haile Mariam. Meanwhile reports show that after the end of the cold war, the economic and development relations between the new Russia and Ethiopia has not been vibrant.

The nuclear deal the two countries have inked in April 2019 is expected to provide Ethiopia with an alternative energy source contributing to its industrial, agricultural and health sector developments, among others, as stated in the agreement.