Ethiopian police jails 95 criminals for tax fraud, corruption

In the last three months the Federal Police of Ethiopia jailed 95 criminals suspected of tax fraud, corruption crimes and related crimes. Some were captured abroad. In collaboration with the Interpol.

“In the last three months we have captured 95 individuals suspected of crimes. Some of them were suspected of engaging in tax fraud and corruption who were hiding in different parts of the country and abroad,” said Deputy Commissioner Zelalem Mengiste, who indicated that especial team is formed to arrest the suspects.

Out of them 9 are major suspects hiding, according to the deputy Police Commissioner, who indicated that some other suspects are expects hiding abroad will be brought to Ethiopia in collaboration with the Interpol and other foreign collaborators.

In relation to the people arrested in suspect of the crisis that followed the death of famous Oromo singer Hachalu Hundesa, Deputy Commissioner Zelalem indicated that a total of 8,668 suspects are arrested. Out of them police has found evidences on 4, 249 and opened charges against them.

He also stated that police is currently working to capture 1,105 suspected of masterminding the crisis that followed the death of Artist Hachalu, which led to the killings of several dozens of innocent people and destruction of properties about 4.6 billion Birr. The deputy commissioner urged the public to report to the police if they found suspicious people who recently moved to their neighborhoods.