Fiorano introduces its solutions to Ethiopian bankers

Fiorano, a Silicon Valley United States headquartered technology company, introduced its advanced banking solutions to representatives of banks in Ethiopia on Wednesday at the Sheraton Addis. 

“Today we specifically came to introduce Fiorano, one of our product partners into this market. We can call it a new product in this market because none of the banks are using it today,” said Adam Nyaga, Vice President of SOFGEN East Africa, banking solution consulting company, which has been working with several banks in Ethiopia.

But we hoping that since the timing is right as many banks now have what we call, integration challenges. With digital banking is important that banks can be able to automate the integration of systems so that the experience of a customer is seamless and excellent. So Fiorano is a tool that will definitely help the banks to do this kind of things.

Unlike the traditional approaches, Fiorano allows the Banking staff in information technology or business to perform lightweight, self-service data and application integration, according to Mr. S.S. Tarakaram, Fiorano Middle East and Africa Regional Sales Head.

“Such companies have some useful technologies to offer. Some of the technologies are technical and helps our systems to run better in the background. In general using better technologies makes us more efficient, effective and more productive,”

Kudus Lelisa, Director of Information Technology Services at the Development Bank of Ethiopia told journalists after attending the presentation of Fiorano.

In addition to financial institutions in Africa and the Middle East, most of the clients of Fiorano are based in the North America, according to Mr. Tarakaram. Global companies such as, AT&T Wireless, Boeing, British Telecom, Capgemini Telecom, Federal Bank, L’Oréal, McKesson, NASA, POSCO, Rabobank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Schlumberger, US Coast Guard and Vodafone have deployed Fiorano to drive innovation through open, standards-based, event-driven real-time solutions yielding unprecedented productivity.

Founded in 1995, Silicon Valley, Fiorano is a California Corporation and has been the provider of Digital Business Backplane and enterprise integration middleware, high performance messaging and peer-to-peer distributed systems.