Docufree joins AIIM executive leadership council

Docufree, an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Digital Business Process Services provider, today announced the company has joined the AIIM Leadership Council.

A think tank and visionary community shaping the future of intelligent information management facilitated by the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM). “We’re pleased to welcome Docufree as an esteemed member of the AIIM Executive Leadership Council,” said Peggy Winton, AIIM President.

“Our focus is to educate knowledge workers on how to take advantage of having content management and analytics baked into new platforms and systems – and how to build on those platforms to take their business to a whole new level. As an industry pioneer and one of the dominant players in the SaaS space, Docufree brings a unique perspective and depth of experience that will be a value to our leadership group as we strive to develop research and create guidelines and best practices for our industry.”

“Docufree is excited to collaborate with other industry information management leaders and innovators to help mold and shape the future of intelligent information management,” said David Winkler, executive vice president and chief product officer at Docufree. “We support AIIM’s approach that digital transformation is a rewarding journey when executed properly.  At Docufree we are doing things differently and feel our unique perspective will be an asset to the group. We look forward to being a part of this growing peer network of thought leaders and helping to validate our voice regarding the future direction of the industry.”

As a member of the AIIM Leadership Council, Docufree will work closely with leading solution providers and information management experts from a variety of industries to fuel innovation in the market and help solve the complex content management challenges facing modern organizations. The Council also provides opportunities for continuing education and certifications for team members.

“We feel the AIIM Leadership Council will provide additional opportunities for us to obtain customer insights and become more attuned to the latest information management challenges to help define what the digital workplace of the future should look like for companies across the globe.” added Winkler. “These industry and customer insights will help us become more strategic in the services and solutions we offer.” Docufree

SOURCE: PRNewswire