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Why Azerbaijan marks National Salvation Day

28 years ago today, Azerbaijan was undergoing labour procedures, due to give birth to an era of devel

Azerbaijan to celebrate 103rd Republic Day

On May 28, Azerbaijani people solemnly celebrate the National Holiday – The Republic Day. 103 years

Mining challenges rebuilding destroyed cities, settlements

Azerbaijan calls on international community to press Armenia By Aderajew Asfaw – After having a

Azerbaijanis mark 103rd anniversary of March Genocide Day

BY TESFA-ALEM TEKLE – Azerbaijanis on Wednesday marked the 103rd anniversary of the 1918 March

“Black January”: Supreme sacrifices paid for Azerbaijan’s independence

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle January 20, 2021 – Azerbaijanis on Wednesday commemorate the 31th anniversa

Armenia is full responsibility for the clashes, Azerbaijan says

The Government of Azerbaijan says on September 27, 2020 Armenian violated the ceasefire regime launch

Azerbaijani investors eye fertilizer, food, petrochemical industries in Ethiopia

Azerbaijani investors eyes fertilizer, furniture, petrochemical and food industries in Ethiopia, says

Armenia flagrantly violates ceasefire regime by launching military attack against Azerbaijan

Hikmat Hajiyev: The provocation by Armenia, perpetrated along the border, is yet another evidence tha

May 9 – Victory Day

By Elman Abdullayev, Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Ethiopia – This year marks the 75th anniversar