Azerbaijani investors eye fertilizer, food, petrochemical industries in Ethiopia

Azerbaijani investors eyes fertilizer, furniture, petrochemical and food industries in Ethiopia, says, Azerbaijan Ambassador in Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview with, Elman Abdullayev, Azerbaijan Ambassador to Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti indicated that investors from his country have been exploring opportunities in Ethiopia and Africa in general over the past years. Most recently a group of Azerbaijani were in Ethiopia exploring opportunities in furniture industry.

Ambassador Abdulayaev who indicated that Azerbaijani companies mainly specialized in construction are also interested to invest in Ethiopia. “There are many Azerbaijani companies known for construction, who are interested in developing real estates in Ethiopia,” he said.

Ambassador Abdullayev also indicated that there is a growing demand in Azerbaijan for coffee, flower and sesame products. “The producers and exporters of flower, coffee and sesame in Ethiopia should utilize this market opportunity in Azerbaijan,” he said. “…Azerbaijan shares more than 80 percent economic volume or economic turnout of the whole region. This indicate that Azerbaijan is the economic driving force in the region. We can mention as an example our transportation hub linking Europe with Asia,” he said.

“We are now working in different directions with African countries. Furniture, petrochemical, fertilizer and food industries are among the areas Azerbaijani investors are interested to engage with African countries. We helped many European countries to be independent in building their own fertilizer production. I think Africa is even more suitable than other part of the world. This is the area where we can make Africa more independent in terms of producing its own fertilizers,” he said.