Sudanese army overthrows President Al Bashir

Following several months long street protests, the Sudanese army today overthrows President Al Bashir and put him under house arrest.

The 75 years old President Al Bashir, who has been on power for the past 30 years also came to power through similar military coup. The military led by General Awad Mohammed Ahmed Ibn Auf today promised to establish transitional government for two years.

General Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf, set to lead a two-year transitional government, before paving way for an election. The people of Sudan in major cities including the capital Kahartoum are seen celebrating the overthrow of President Al Bashir. The street protest started following the increase of brad prices has put pressure on the regime of President Al Bashir over the past few months leading the army to shoot protesters.

President Al Bashir was accused of committing crimes against humanity in Darfur, which led to sanctions that troubled the economy of the country. The Hague based the International Criminal Court has also issued arrest warrant for President Al Bashir, who managed escaped one arrest a few years ago in South Africa.

In October 2005, al-Bashir’s government negotiated an end to the Second Sudanese Civil War, leading to a referendum in the South, resulting in the separation of the south into the separate country of South Sudan.