Police captures 76 Turkish pistols in Ethiopia

Police in Amhara region of Ethiopia on Monday captured 76 Turkish pistols, and 19,000 bullets from weapon smugglers.

The weapons hidden in two trickles (tuk tuk / bajaj) are captured while transported to Gondar City of Amhara region, according to the report of the state newswire, Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), which quoted Central Gondar Police division communications head Commander Enyew Wubneh.

Currently one of the drivers of the trickles is arrested and investigation is underway, according to Commander Enyew, who also stated that the police is currently working to arrest the people associated with the crime.

Reports show that the estimated total number of guns (both licit and illicit) held by civilians in Ethiopia in 2017 has increased to 377,000 from 320,000 in 2007. Meanwhile the ongoing internal armed clashes in Ethiopia over the past few years is estimated to likely increase significantly the number of gun owners across the country.

In an attempt to reverse the increasing arms possessions and circulations in the country, the Government of Ethiopia has passed a proclamations that enables the Government to control and administer firearms.