Ethiopia arrests organized criminals, captures 49 Kalashnikov guns

Ethiopia arrests organized criminals, captures 49 Kalashnikov guns


The command post operating in Benishangul Gumz and Oromia regions of Ethiopia has arrested 171 organized criminals and captured 49 Kalashnikov guns, seven explosives and over a thousand bullets.

For the past few months the suspects were reportedly involved in killing civilians and trying to destabilize the area and the neighboring towns in Oroimia Region, according to the report.

In addition, the command post has also confiscated seven ambulances the suspects were using, four Isuzu trucks and three Toyota pickups.

The conflict zones where the organized criminals have been operating are now liberated and peaceful, according g to the state broadcaster ETV Amharic language news report.

The criminals were arrested in Kamashi and Tongo zones of Benishangul Guz Region of Ethiopia as well as West and East Wellega areas Kelem, Horo Gudru, Buno Bedelle and Ilu Ababora of the neighboring Oromia Region.

The public in both Oromia and Benishangul Gumz regions have actively been involved in identifying the criminals and restoring peace in the areas, according to the report. The command post operating is the area is composed of military, federal police, security forces from different regions in the country and the intelligence as well as the local community, among others.

After reform was launched some nine months ago by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, clashes have been erupting in different parts of the country. Many blame the former corrupt officials and their business partners who lost their power as sponsors of these conflicts.