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Over half COVID-19 patients in Ethiopia recover

Out of the total 140 coronavirus (COVID-19) infected people found in Ethiopia, more than half (75) ha

50 recover from COVID-19 in Ethiopia

The number of people recovered from coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Ethiopia has increased to 50,

Over 13 million children unvaccinated globally

By Sisay Woubeshet – Over 13 million children did not receive any vaccines at all even before C

COVID-19 confirmed cases in Ethiopia increases to 43

The total number of COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic patients in Ethiopia has reaches 43 after five mo

Ethiopia releases additional 2,500 prisoners

The Attorney General of Ethiopia and Benishangul Gumz region have decided to drop charges and pardon

Ethiopia COVID-19 patients number up to 35

The total number of people infected by coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has gone up to 35 after six mo

Ethiopia earns $500 million from coffee export

Ethiopia earns about $500 million dollars from export of coffee over the first eight months of Ethiop

COVID-19 infected people in Ethiopia reaches 11

The total number of people who acquired COVID-19 pandemic in Ethiopia has increased to eleven, says E

Ethiopian Epiphany becomes world intangible heritage

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Wednesday announced