Ethiopia ruling, opposition parties ink election governing pact

As part of the preparation for the upcoming May 2020 national election, 107 political parties in Ethiopia, including the ruling coalition today signed a pact that governs the relationship among them during the upcoming election and positively contribute to the overall democratization process of the country.

The 20 articles agreement is developed by the national electoral board in consultation with the political parties. Signing the agreement l this morning representing the ruling coalition, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged the political party leaders to keep their promises and work towards democratization of the country and unity.

Of the signatory political parties 66 are already officially registered by the national electoral board to run for the upcoming election. The remaining political parties, especially the pro-unity groups, are expected to form alliances and merge to challenge the ruling coalition, which recently announced its plan to merge with its affiliates.

The multiple political parties, which claim to represent the same ethnic group, such as different Oromo parties and Amhara parties, are also expected to narrow their differences form alliances to become strong and competent in the May 2020 national election.

PM Abiy indicated that the day is historical as it has brought together the ruling coalition face to face with opposition political party leaders who were in jail and exiled.

He also urged the members of the ruling coalition, the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) at the grassroots level not to be obstacle to the campaigns of other political parties. He urged his party members if possible to help the political parties to conduct conferences and meetings with their supporters freely, or at least not to be obstacle.