Ethiopia revokes The Economist journalist license

Ethiopian Media Authority (EMA), the state agency in charge of regulating the media operating in Ethiopia, today revoked press license of Tom Gardner of The Economist.

“…This letter is written to inform you that your accreditation is revoked effective immediately, and you are no longer allowed to work as a journalist in Ethiopia,” reads the letter EMA today wrote to Tom Gardner, who has been working as correspondent journalist in Ethiopia for the past few years.

“Hence, we would like to reiterate that the Economist Magazine is very welcome to assign an unbiased and independent journalist in your place and we would be happy to extend our professional cooperation to them,” it said.

The letter noted that even though repetitive warnings are given to Tom Gardner to maintain the ethics of professional journalism and respect the rules of the country, he wasn’t able to make necessary corrections.

“As a professional journalist to accredited to work in Ethiopia, you know very well that the condition of your permit is dependent on your strict observation of professional ethics and the rules and the regulations of the country,” the letter stated.

“However, to our disappointment, you have failed to live to these standards of conduct for journalists. Despite our repeated discussions, verbal warnings and written reprimands, you have not shown the willingness to correct your mistaken approach,” the letter said.