Ethiopia Dialog Commission calls for media support

The recently formed National Dialog Commission of Ethiopia (NDCE) today urges the media outlets in the country to support its efforts through disseminations of its activities to the general public.

During its introductory meeting this morning held at the Sheraton Addis with the heads of different media outlets in Ethiopia, the 11 members’ commission has stressed that the media is critical for the success of the efforts of the commission to bring lasting peace in the country through civilized dialog.

Professor Mesfin Araya, Commissioner of NDCE indicated that the Commission recognizes the significance of the media in creating awareness about the importance of the national dialog and in updating the public about the progresses of the commission. “…That is why we gave priority to meet the representatives of the media after our meeting with the elders and religious leaders,” he said.

Indicating that the mandate given to the Commission by law is new to the country, “…Therefore to execute this national responsibility effectively, partnership of the media is irreplaceable,” he said.

Following today’s consultation meeting with the heads of the media, in the near future the Commission planned to provide trainings for the media deploying professionals on how to properly report on the activities of the Commission, and related issues.

It is recalled that the 11 members NDCE was established recently after the Ethiopian Parliament has passed a law for the establishment of the Commission which is expected to facilitate all inclusive dialogs on major contentious issues that has been causes for disputes often leading to war and fatal clashes among different communities in Ethiopia.