United States manufacturing tech solutions provider targets Ethiopia, Ghana

SEYCONTECH LLC, a United States- based manufacturing technology solution provider, says it is working to help solve the bottlenecks in the manufacturing sectors of African countries.

The company’s Founder and President Dr. Sydney K. Seymour made the announcement in Addis Ababa today, indicating that Ethiopia and Ghana are among the priority targets of the company. Speaking on the reasons why Ethiopia and Ghana are his company’s priorities, he noted that the fact that the two African countries are highly focusing on the development of manufacturing sector made them target of SEYCONTECH.

“If Africa needs to have sustainable growth, the development of its manufacturing industries is unquestionable,” says Dr. Seymour, who holds 12 U.S. patents and one international patent. He believes that African countries shouldn’t continue producing and exporting raw tomatoes and cocoa while importing back the processed outputs of these agricultural products.

“There are simple manufacturing technologies and solutions that can help the farmers or any entrepreneurs in Africa to produce tomato pastes and chocolates or any other processed agro-products within Africa,” he says.

Reports show that 40% food losses occur in Africa due to the wastage in the agriculture business chain – from pre-harvesting to post-harvesting. “For more than 25 years, we have been helping companies operating in a wide range of industries in North America, Europe and Asia to become more competitive. SEYCONTECH has the domain expertise to guide Sub-Saharan African companies through the journey of building capacity and prepare them for export to penetrate foreign markets,” he said.

SEYCONTECH LLC Founder and President Dr. Sydney K. Seymour

The services of SEYCONTECH LLC include, helping manufacturing startups or existing ones to produce globally competitive quality agro-processed goods as well as develop organization with the top managerial and technical skills, among others.

In the coming months SEYCONTECH managers will be discussing partnerships with several private manufacturing firms in Ethiopia and Ghana, according to Dr. Seymour.