Ethiopia secures $4.6 billion from tax

Ethiopia secures $4.6 billion from tax


Ethiopian Ministry of Revenue collected over 130.7 billion birr ($4.6 billion) during the first eight months of Ethiopian budget year started July 8, 2018.

The Ministry’s plan for the period was to collect 161 billion birr ($5.7 billion), according to Minister of Revenue Adanech Abebe, who briefed reporters today.

Minister Adanech indicated that for the first time in one month, the country has collected 17.8 billion birr ($627 million) in February 2019, though the Ministry has achieved 90% of its plan for the month. The result was achieved as a result of the national tax awareness campaign and law enforcement.  

Commenting how illegal trade is becoming serious, Minister Adanech indicated that Ethiopian Customs Commission has captured items worth 199 million birr from contrabandists.  Reports show that out of the total illegible tax payers in Ethiopia only 60% are currently paying taxes.