Ethiopia: TPLF damages, loots 7.7 billion Birr properties in Afar

Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), which invaded Afar and Amhara regions after the Government of Ethiopia declares unilateral ceasefire in June 2021, has damaged and looted public properties mainly health facilities, schools and agribusinesses, Afar officials say.

This is indicated by officials of Afar region who briefed to the members of Ethiopian diaspora who are visiting the damages caused by TPLF invasion in Afar region of Ethiopia. Among the deliberately damaged properties by TPLF includes 750 schools worth 1.1 billion Birr, which used to provide service to 150,000 students.

Some 1.4 billion Birr worth agriculture and natural resource is also damaged in Afar region by TPLF, which is designated as a terrorist group by Ethiopian Parliament. On Water, irrigation and energy related properties the damage caused by TPLF in Afar is estimated to reach 754 million Birr.

In the report presented to the visiting members of the Ethiopian diaspora it is also indicated that worth 1.2 billion Birr properties in health sector is damaged and stolen in Afar region. Worth 50 million Birr damage and looting by TPLF is also recorded in food and logistics areas in Afar.

Totally the loss in Afar region in the above sectors is estimated to reach 4.4 billion Birr. It is also indicated that in other sectors TPLF has damaged and looted properties worth 3.3 billion Birr, increasing the total damage of Afar region sustained by the TPLF-initiated war to 7.7 billion Birr, according to the report of the state news agency ENA.

In addition to the damages and looting in Afar region, TPLF has also committed similar crimes in Amhara region where the damage is being assessed. It is reported that many investments both government and private are vandalized and looted by the group in Amhara region.

Currently the Ethiopian forces led by the army have managed to liberate all the areas in both regions which were under TPLF control after July 2021 to end of November 2021. With the aim of helping Ethiopia to quickly recover from the damages of the war, Ethiopians in the diaspora have been mobilizing support of Ethiopian army and for the millions of people displaced by the war.

The ongoing visit in Afar region by the Ethiopian diaspora is aimed at deeply analyzing the damages and provide support to those internally displaced and to rebuild the devastated infrastructures and public investments, among others.

It is recalled that the Council of Ministers of Ethiopia has approved 122 billion Birr additional budget proposal of the Ministry of Finance for the reconstruction of the areas impacted by the war and the economy in general