Ethiopian Civil Aviation leads African safety audit

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) coordinated validation mission that carried out an audit assessment in the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) six months ago granted the authority with 89 % success rate, which is the highest score in Africa.

It is recalled that the ICAO coordinated mission has conducted a thorough examination of the details of activities being done in ECAA to measure the safety of its duties in accordance with internationally standards, according to the information received from ECAA.

“At the time the ICAO mission granted the authority with a preliminary audit rank of 91.4. However, last week the mission announced the final audit outcome to be 89 percent; making the authority the highest in Africa and among the top five aviation organizations in the world. Compared to its previous scores, which was 73 % five years ago, what has been achieved this year is quite astounding, according to Endale Assefa, Senior Public Relations expert at the authority.

ICAO mission carried out their validation on eight departments of the authority including Aircraft Registration and Airworthiness Certification Directorate, Aerodrome Safety and Standard Directorate, Accident Investigation Bureau, among others, before announcing its final validation report.

It is known that ICAO sets global standard of operations in the aviation industry and updates the annexes every now and then following the technological advancement in the industry; based on which it conducts validation in safety oversight audit in all nations every five years. ECAA is the regulatory body of the air transport service in the country which ensures safety and security of the country’s airspace, provides air navigation service, devises and updates rules and regulations in the aviation industry, among others.