Ethiopia inaugurates 254 megawatts hydropower dam

The Ethiopian Electric Power (EPC), the state agency in charge of power generation today inaugurates Negele Dawa 3 Hydropower Dam, which has the capacity to generate 254 megawatts of city.

It is also indicated that the Dam built between Bale and Guji zones of Oromia Region will also be used for irrigation benefiting thousands of smallholder farmers living in the area, according to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who inaugurated the project this morning. He stated that irrigation development of Bale and Giji zones, has the potential to feed the whole Ethiopia. “Water is the future focus of Ethiopia,” he said. The dam has the capacity to carry 2.57 billion metric cubic water.

The construction of Negele Dawa 3 Hydropower Dam has delayed for years and finally completed after nine years costing the nation $451 million. Stating that the project shouldn’t have taken such a long time, Prime Minister Abiy urged the officials of EPC to focus on the other similar power generation projects. “Now our focus should be on how we can start and complete Negele Dawa 6 project,” Abiy said.

“Our focus has to be not to brag about the project we completed but prepare well and mobilize resources for the project we are planning to launch,” he said inviting local investors to venture with the government on the development of Negele Dawa 6 hydropower dam and irrigation project, which he said is estimated to cost about one billion U.S. dollar.

Though there are many interests by the foreign investors to venture with the government of Ethiopia on Negele Dawa 3 Hydropower Dam and irrigation project, the government gives priority to the local investors, according to Prime Minister Abiy.